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My decor with Alex Loza 3 panel oil canvas

Chatt Tn


Cape Coral Florida


Do you enjoy a taste of the far east mixed with west? Let me help you design your home or a room to show this!

My name is Cirsten Weldon. I am an interior designer who lives in Sarasota Florida.

As I used to live in Los Angeles, New York City, New Zealand ,Hawaii, Napa Valley, San Francisco and Singapore have also done homes in all those locations and now>  Georgia, Tenn and Florida…I have done the interior of the McKee Mansion and also my home the McKee Carriage House Next Door >Chatt TN, Vacation Rentals in Kailua Hi for Alohawaii Properties and used to work for Dialogica >Romantic Art Deco Line …

I am hoping this site will show you a bit about myself and what I am capable of doing. I specialize Zen/American Traditional Decor. Please call  in Sarasota Florida  if you have any questions at all. Or you can email me at .

Bathroom old Hawaiian Hilo Hawaii
Bathroom old Hawaiian Hilo Hawaii

I can help you with your house designs in a wide variety of ways. I can help create a gorgeous ambiance with High End Warmth    My initial consultation, could start with full feng shui.

 To find out more about me, visit the Biography page.

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