Residence – I was born and raised in Singapore. Currently I reside in Chattanooga TN and Sarasota Florida.

Education – I graduated from Loma Linda University with a B.S. in Art and Design.

Special Abilities – I am fluent in English, and Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese). I am also an expert martial artist (Wu Shu).

Background –  After college I moved to New York to pursue a career in modeling and acting. I also began to decorate apartments in the very yuppie on the Upper West Side. I started out doing designs in more traditional American designs with touches of Chinese Influence. After New York I moved to Paris and Milan where I started Eurasian Limited. After doing many different designs overseas, I moved back to southern California (Malibu) and began to change the style of my designs to show a more European (French and Italian art decor) decor style.  Also lived and did homes in Auckland New Zealand for 8 months as my father was Chairman of the CDL Hotel Chain.

Currently – After Living in Kailua Oahu Hawaii for 7 years>Hilo for 2 and Los Angeles and SF,Napa Valley for 12 years>now I live in Chatt TN and Sarasota Florida and Singapore…. I returned to my Asian design roots. I am Singaporean Chinese so I really enjoy doing more Asian design styles, but I am very capable of designing in any kind of style that you would like. I tend to like to do a very strong Asian design with touches of European elements. I utilize Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian and East Indian design elements> Traditional American with Zen Accents.

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